Seattle has its fair share of monsters who lurk in the shadows. Below are some common Forsaken views about other supernaturals who share the boundaries of Seattle.

None of the Forsaken have had a run in with these suckers for at least a decade. Rare as hen’s teeth. Probably hiding out in the city or perhaps behind a white picket fence in the burbs. If they are feeding off your kin then stake them with said white picket fence, otherwise just tell them to fuck off.

When visitors from other tribes visit from across the States they talk of sticky-beaking humans with the power to warp reality. There ain’t none here. No pack has come across a single wizard hat wearing pussy.

Seattle is also known as the Emerald City and with good reason; there are a whole bunch of these pointy eared munchkins running around town. Best to leave alone lest your shoe laces get tied together by there great powers. There are some though that hunt through the streets and parks. The packs stomp down on that shit hard and they ain’t seen again.

More dangerous than any real monsters. They have their own pack mentality and they won’t stop. Sometimes you just get that feeling that you are being watched and you turn around and see that same black van that you see everytime you snap your gaze behind you. Rumour is that there is one group of hunters that have been kidnapping all kinds of supes, uncluding us and experimenting on them.

What like Frankenstein’s monster? Yeah there is one that runs a cafe off Broadway. Makes a hell of a latte. Get the fuck outta here.

Some of those with the Sight will tell you that there are caves in Shadow that lead the the lands of the Dead. But they will also go on about all types of weird shit. Ghosts can be as annoying as spirits, and I guess if they are wearing a meat suit it could be even more complicated. Seen a lot of ghosts. Never heard of a geist though.

Its ok, Brandon Fraser turned last week. I told you to get the fuck outta here.


Of Wolf and Man Darkfool