Pack Territories

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The Pure tribes outnumber the Forsaken, dominating the snowcapped mountains and old forests that surround the city. The Forsaken packs that call the lush green streets of Seattle home have enough space to mark out their terrritories without causing to much conflict between packs. Territories are often only as big as the pack deems itself capable protecting and rarely do these areas abut other territories. Loci, are of course, the biggest determining factor of territorial claims. Secondary features most sought after are the natural oasis’s of parklands and hills which cover the Emerald City.

Forsaken Territories

Shadow Rain|Grey Mist|Luna’s Pride|Salty Dogs|Ice Lords|Pickering Family

Shadow Rain
Shadow rain

This territory was recently handed over to the newly formed Shadow Rain pack by Night Howler. The area is both old and majestic with beautiful old homes and plentiful parklands. The southern boundary of the territory has more commercial business’.

The area looks like it was once occupied by another werewolf pack however they seem long gone. Since their departure, the area has been inundated with spirits who have crossed over through the unguarded locus in Interlaken Park.

Sites of Interest

Shadow Rain’s Den|Interlaken Park|MMA Emerald City|Roanoke Bar|Louisa Boren Park

Grey Mist
Grey mist

One of the largest territories within Seattle is run by the Grey Mist pack. The region is rich with both physical and spiritual resources. There are two minor loci within the region and one major locus which was created by the Grey Mist pack itself.

Sites of Interest

Night Howler’s Shed

Luna’s Pride
Luna pride

Luna’s Pride in reality claims only a small territory north west of central Seattle. Within this territory is a small locus which only barely supports the pack. Weekly they travel into the heart of Seattle to seek out bad guys and a new locus which would mean that they could relocate the pack.

Salty Dogs
Salty dogs

The boundaries of the Salty Dogs territory is rather fluid. They claim part of Bainbridge Island and Alki point. They also argue that Puget Sound is theirs to roam at will. Members of the pack have also been known to hang out at Seattle’s docks.

Ice Lords
Ice lord

This powerful Uratha pack hunts the borderlands between Forsaken and Pure territory. The Ice Lord pack that calls this region home enjoys the small town comforts and the freedom of the wilderness. Speaks with Fire is an ancient Uratha and alpha of the Ice Lord pack. The Pure in the region fear her and no attacks have been launched into the pack’s territory in many years.

Pickering Family

The Pickering Family territory incorporates Washelli and Evergreen Park cemeteries within its borders. Northwest Hospital and Hallet Lake are also claimed as part of there area. Visitors are generally unwelcome.

Pack Territories

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