Flying Metal


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A typical weekend, hunting Roosevelt Elk with dad. We’d bagged a couple of rabbits earlier in the day. Not a spectacular catch, but hey, rabbit makes some good eating.
As the sun set we saw it… the biggest bull yet. A magnificent creature, must have been 10ft tall, bigger than I’d ever seen.
I stalked the beast for an hour, silently creeping through the forest, trying to line up the perfect shot. It was time, the Elk stood in a clearing, just waiting for me.
I readied my rifle, calming my breath, slowing my heart, I wanted a one shot kill. As my scope pointed straight at its chest, my finger ready on the trigger…


A black blur flew from the tree line, straight past my scope as my shot rang out through the forest.

The Elk was gone.

“Was that a cougar?”… “Biggest fucking cougar I’ve ever seen” my dad responded, “A bear?”…“Fastest funking bear I’ve ever seen”, I dared not suggest a coyote… too big and too fast.

Dad stepped out from the trees, as I cautiously followed. Blood pooled on the ground, but certainly not from my bullet. Dad went white, and pulled the shotgun to his hip. “Lets get out of here”, I wasn’t going to disagree.

We slowly moved towards the trees… I stopped dead, heavy breathing filled my ears, as the huge form towered over my father… He didn’t stand a chance as it tore him apart in seconds.

I froze, there was no point fighting this monster. I couldn’t help thinking it was here for me.

Life is more complicated now, Seattle is full of too many people, stupid people. I couldn’t relate to them when I was younger, now it’s harder. I feel like they know, always staring.

It’s not all bad though…

I love to hunt

Flying Metal

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