Under a Shadowed Sky

Under a crescent moon, the pack once again stepped sideways into Shadow to find the Meers’ former totem, the Cat. Upon entering Hisil, they were ambushed by the Alder Man’s minions once again. Despite being blinded by the Car-spider spirit, the pack still managed to drive them off.

Following the I-5 expressway (which in Shadow resembled a clumsily laid yellow brick path), Shadow Rain found the mountain region where The Cat hunted. They managed to hunt the spirit down and bargain with it for knowledge of the Meers’s battle with the Alder Man. The Cat would only agree to help once the Meers diary was destroyed.

After promises to do so, the Cat revealed the ban of the guardians of the Alder Man’s Saplings. She also revealed that the Meers pack first destroyed the five saplings that were giving the Alder Man his power. Since this time there was well over fifty saplings, Shadow Rain new they were in trouble.

Upon burning the diaries, the pack heard a faint crying noise and smelled in the air the trace scent of mineral water. Tracking the scent led the pack to a small park just part of Interlaken. There the Girl in the Mist spirit encouraged their continued fight against the Alder Man and chose to become Shadow Rain’s Totem.

With Shadow Rain now officially a pack, bonded by the Girl in the Mist as their totem, they seek a way to stop the Alder Man from potentially destroying the city. With nearly 100 spirit trees powering the Alder Man’s power, defeating him is not as straight forward as it was when the Meers confronted him.

Shadow Rain now seeks the advice of their elders to find a way of destroying the Saplings and taking out the Alder Man once and for all.

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Under a Shadowed Sky

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