All the tribes of the Forsaken are represented in Seattle. The three strongest tribes are the Bone Shadows, Iron Masters and Storm Lords.

Blood Talons: Followers of the Destroyer Wolf, the Blood Talons focus on the raw potency of the Uratha, encouraging growth as warriors and primal beings.

Bone Shadows: Followers of the Death Wolf, the Bone Shadows focus on the spirituality of the Uratha, concerning themselves with the Hisil and its inhabitants.

Hunters in Darkness: Followers of Black Wolf, the Hunters in Darkness focus on the sanctity of Uratha’s interests, guarding what is truly special from defilement and destruction.

Iron Masters: Followers of Red Wolf, the Iron Masters focus on the adaptability of the Uratha, embracing the achievements of Man whle attempting to keep balance.

Storm Lords Followers of Winter Wolf, the Storm Lords focus on duty inherited by the Uratha from Father Wolf, seeking to lead others in his noble image.

Ghost Wolves Though they align themselves with no Firstborn and so are not really a tribe, the Ghost Wolves still swear the Oath of the Moon and are an important consideration when looking at the tribes.


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