The Pure

Werewolves descended from those who chose not to rise up and slay Father Wolf. They blame their Forsaken cousins for the loss of Pangaea and view the extermination of the Forsaken as a holy crusade. They are superior in number to the Forsaken, and their culture of hate and battle prowess has made them the Forsakens’ most implacable enemies. The Pure have only contempt for humanity and feel no duty to defend them from spirits, which makes spirits far friendlier to them than to the Forsaken. Their only disadvantage is that Luna has not granted them her favor, which means they have no auspices and are more susceptible to silver than the Forsaken.

The Pure tribes surround the city of Seattle calling the mountains and forests their home. The Pure tribes outnumber the Forsaken tribes which claim territory in the city and it may be only a matter of time before the Pure begin encroaching into Seattle.

The three Pure tribes are called Fire-Touched, the Ivory Claws and the Predator Kings.

Whilst not actually a member of the Pure tribes, there exists another group known as the Bale Hounds who worship spirits of pain, rage, hate and fear.

The Pure

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