The Forsaken

Seattle and the region around it has always seen werewolf habitation. It is believed that humans have been living in the area for around 4000 years. Up until 150 years ago, native american indians tribes made their homes in the lush forests and rugged hills. Whilst the number of Forsaken and Pure was extremely low at this time, these Uratha had a strong presence in Shadow, dealing with very old and creative Spirits that roamed the fringes of the world.

Uratha numbers climbed with the coming of settlers in the 1850s. Some of the settlers themselves were forsaken or wolfblooded. With the creation of Seattle, new urban territories became available. Because the pure dominated the surrounding wilderness, the Forsaken packs were left with the growing urban sprawl as their hunting grounds and a Shadow that was steadily and unhappily changing as well.

Much of the natural beauty was held onto by the builders of Seattle and the Forsaken who roam its streets and parks can find many natural wonders. There are a number of natural loci within the city limits also and the spirits in Shadow, whilst old and powerful, seem able to adapt to the changing world very well (often better than their Forsaken half brothers and sisters).

There is a lot of territory unclaimed within the borders of Seattle. The Forsaken packs generally do not fight over boundaries. There is a general sense of unity due to the strong presence of Pure that surround the city. However, at the same time there is little communication between packs and most just do their own thing, independent of the rest of the community. Whilst there are gatherings to present new Forsaken, these are rare and most of the politics is restricted to inter pack issues.

The strongest pack within Seattle itself is the Grey Mist with several old and powerful Uratha. Its leader, Night Howler, tries to promote interaction with other packs throughout Seattle and offers assistance to those groups who ask. Some view this policy warily and wonder what the cost might be to their pack if they accept his help now. Certainly Night Howler has a dream on a united Forsaken community, a dream that is mostly ignored by the Forsaken packs in Seattle.

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The Forsaken

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