The Black Dog runs at night

In the aftermath of the Alder Man’s banishment from Seattle, the pack seeks to rest and lick their wounds. However, there is no rest for the wicked.

Shadow Rain attempts to return to some sort of normalacy by checking their usual haunts and territory. Calm in the Storm seeks answers regarding the dissapearance of Blaine. However, it seems that she has been “convinced” to return to the life she had before the band. That she may now be in Pure hands almost pushes Calm in the Storm to make some rash choices.

A Moot is called to congratulate Shadow Rain for their victory over the Alder Man. Not everyone is pleased however, and Moriarty from Luna’s Pride places the blame for the chaos in Seatle squarely at the packs feet.

And all the while a sinister black dog hunts the packs territory. A massive hound has been startling and biting citizens with some of the victims dying of strange causes. Shadow Rain tracked Beast back to its lair – an abandoned warehouse thick with the miasma of pain and rot. They defeated the beast…easily in the end however the building and the surrounding neighborhood remain stained.

Our Town

The Black Dog runs at night

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