Just as the Shadow Realm reflects the physical city of Seattle in form and substance, so too do the spirits. Each object, plant or place births its own spirit over time. As that thing comes into being, so too is thre the germ of a spirit within it.

Seattle’s Shadow has a mixture of old and new spirits. The surrounding lands (and even the city itself in some respects) are a bastion of natural beauty. Old spirits roam these wilds. In the city, new spirits are born and consumed each day. Some old spirits have adapted also to urban life, finding it easier than what would be normal to do so.

All types of spirits can be found within Hisil. Of course, the largest group of spirits represented within Seattle (and the oldest) are the Nature spirits. Elemental spirits are also numerous, especially those belonging to the Water Choir.

Of the Artificial spirits in Seattle’s Shadow, Information spirits are the most prevalent. However there is often something a little “off” about them and they share their secrets rarely. There are many Conceptual spirits also, particularly those belonging to the Ideological Choir.


Rank Representative Spirits
0 Mote
1 Lesser Gafflings
2 Greater Gafflings
3 Lesser Jagglings
4 Greater Jagglings
5 Minor Gods / Incarnae
6 Lesser Gods / Incarnae
7 Greater Gods / Incarnae
8 Lesser Celestines
9 Greater Celestines
10 Beyond Manifest conception


  • Magath: Magaths are fairly common in Seattle. This may be due to the quickly changability and growth of city-life. It seems that more spirits take more opportunities in hunting down spirits from other choirs or descants. Despite their more active presence within Shadow, they are still shunned as outcasts by the other spirits.
  • The Ridden: The Uratha of Seattle have to deal with both the Urged and the Claimed. When a pack finds one of the Ridden there is normally no negotion with the entity and it is either forced back into Shadow or destroyed.
  • The Exiles: When the exiles escaped Hisil in the 60s, there was no record of any appearing in Seattle. There has been no recorded sighting of an Idigam spirit to date.
  • The Hosts: Werewolves must always be on the lookout for the shartha or host spirits. Throughout Forsaken Seattle history there has been infestations of host spirits, in particular the Azlu or Spider Hosts.


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