Seattle at a glance

Space needle dawn

State: Washington
County: King
Incorporated: December 2, 1869
Nicknames: The Emerald City, Seatown, Rain City, Jet City, Gateway to Alaska, Gateway to The Pacific, Queen City
Government: Mayor (Michael McGinn) and City Council
Population: City (608,660); Urban (2,712,205); Metro (3,407,848)
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“Water, Water everywhere
nor any drop to drink”

You know what they teach you in schools about this town… its all numbers. How can you hold that in your head. And there lies the irony because Seattle is like a machine; laid out like a circuit board in one of the most beautiful and natural environs in the world. It is its own special type of cybernetic monster…and its thirsty.

If someone in Seattle tells you that they have seen they Sun then they are talking about a time when they were visiting somewhere else. Bruised clouds guard the city from blue skies and if you step outside you are going to get wet. It might be a quick downpour or misty rain but it is going to happen. Don’t pack a coat though or swing an umbrella, let it wash over you like all the other Seattleites. It will invigorate you and wash away all the bad dreams

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You got Puget Sound to the west and Lake Washington to the East and jammed all up in the middle is the city itself; squeezed and oozing north and south are more burbs fed by overly congested roads. Natives and tourists alike trying to get somewhere famous. Maybe the creepy Pike Markets or Pioneer Square. Doesn’t matter where you are though, just look up and you can see it, the big middle finger otherwise known as the Space Needle informing you that you are in the world of Frasier or Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a fairy tale fucking town.

Like Rome, Seattle lies on seven hills. You got Capitol, First, West, Beacon, Queen Anne, Magnolia and the Denny Hill. I mean there are hills all round the place. And if you are brave enough to leave the city there are some of the most stunning forests, rivers, lakes and mountains you could ever hope to see. Most normal folks head out sailing and camping and hiking all year round. Most normal folks are dumb.

That’s not exactly fair.

Lot of decent people in Seattle doing the right thing. Less conservative than other states and proud of it…pardon the pun. Very accepting, almost mechanical in their activities and don’t ask a lot of questions. They should probably ask a lot more. Ignorant but not stupid ignorant, more like “I don’t want to know what the fuck you are up too” ignorant. Keep to your own business and respect other people’s. A lot of folk come to Seattle to start again; if you are looking to dissapear then city’s shadow is a great place to hide.

The history books tell us that the area has been inhabited for at least 4000 years; What have we got to show for it? Birthplace of Jimi Hendrix. Birthplace of grunge. You want coffee, we have Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Tully’s. Boeing set up shop here and what followed through the decades was a string of large companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Vulcan Inc. basing their businesses in the region.

So what is it like to live in Seattle? It’s the best of both world, old and very new. Technology rules Seattle and the people in it, yet they yearn for nature. They claw at it in the parks that perforate the city and the forests that surround the blinking dull light that is Seattle. The future is bright under grey clouds but Seattle always Wants more.

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Seattle at a glance

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