Seattle shadow

Seattle’s Shadow is a hunting ground lost to the Uratha of the city. A lost memory of this world captured but changing – an imperfect (or perhaps perfect) reflection of the Emerald City.

The Uratha who travel into Hisil are greeted by a myriad of bright sights and sounds. The smell of rain is always crisp in the air. Buildings are often abstract shapes and arranged chaotically around streets that resemble trails. They cast long, black shadows, obscuring alleyways and the spirits within.

Large forests still dominate the city’s Shadow, inhabited by animal spirits who regard trespassers with human like eyes. Houses and buildings are only really reflected in the oldest parts of the city. Perhaps because of Seattle’s attempts to cultivate a green city, the Gauntlet is thinner than it should be within a heavy urbanised area.

Ghost-cars and technology spirits travel up and down the I5 which in Hisil resembles a yellow paved road. The sound of horns and bells and beeps echoes into the buildings and forests banking the expressway.

Dominating the city-scape, rising high above, is the Space Needle. It shines almost as bright as Luna or Helios, falling over slightly and bent at a 45 degree angle.



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