Our Town

Shadow Rain decided to deal with the Pure threat in their region by tracking down Gwen. Using The Call Me Bruce’s questionable rite, they found her temporary abode and staked it out awaiting her return. The ambush worked as Flying Metal shot her to pieces. Following the lead of their Alpha, the pack did not kill the Ivory Claw pack member. Instead they shaved her and dumped her back on the edge of Pure territory. Her final remark though, before running into the forest was cutting…“You shall never see Blayne again.”

Bruce once again used the power of Wendigo and licked Gwen’s blood from the truck tray, gaining a fraction of her memories. Blayne was wolfblooded and a relative to an Ivory Claw Pure pack. True to her word, Blayne was missing when the pack returned back to Seattle. Her absence, whilst painful, had to be dealt with after the threat of the Aldar Man was taken care of.

With the location of the 5 nexus trees known, it was chainsaw time as Bruce and Calm before the Storm began their hooligan assault on the Aldar Man’s power base. The night of carnage began well but the Aldar Man was not without his supporters and stronger and stronger defenses were arrayed against Shadow Rain as they continued their assault on the Sapplings.

The third tree was guarded by urged policemen. By causing a distraction and then using a stolen garbage truck as a weapon of mass destruction, They Call Me Bruce and Calm Before the Storm were able to take out the Sapling in front of City Hall.

With the power being cut to many suburbs and the emergency services being spead out all over the city, Shadow’s Rain made their assault againt the fourth sappling. Located in a school ground’s courtyard, the pack stealthy approached before being ambushed by a huge gang of claimed each wielding firearms. Under the cover of mist provided by Calm in the Storm, the pack managed to shoot, push, strangle and stab their way to victory. However, the assault left them all tired and wounded, with many of their resources spent.

The city was blacked out. There were no communications, phone lines and power were down. Sirens echoed around the city as Shadow Rain approached the final Sapling guarded by the Alder Man himself. During the conflict, They Call me Bruce succumbed to the Death Rage. Lured outside he attacked the Sapling’s guardians and his companions whilst Flying Metal filled the Alder Man with lead.

The long night was over. The Alder Man was destoyed.

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Our Town

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