Monsters down the Road

Work began clearing out and setting up the new pack house. In the house they found a strange fetish that was used by the previous pack, the Meers, as a diary.

Talks to Aether sold his old house in order to purchase nearby property. The pack continued to hunt their new territory which led to a series of tags being sprayed down one street to intimidate the spirit out of a little girl.

The packs’ first foray into Shadow saw them attacked by minions of the Alder Man. A fierce counter-attack by Shadow Rain caused the mutated spirits to retreat. In Shadow, the pack found spirit Alder trees with Guardians that had twins in the real world. Upon returning there they found at least 55 spirit trees, tied to the Alder Man and his growing power.

The Meers diary revealed that the previous pack was destroyed. Though they had defeated and driven off the Alder Man previously, there was little information available about how they beat him. With assistance from Night Howler, Shadow Rain was able to find out about the whereabouts of the last member of the Meers Family, their Totem, known simply as “The Cat.”

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Monsters down the Road

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