Werewolf tribes are powerful forces by themselves, guided by some of the strongest totem spirits in existence. Within each tribe, however, are several lodges, guided by one overarching principle or code of ethics. Several of the more common lodges are represented in Seattle.

Blood Talon Lodges

Lodge of Wendigo: Masters of stealth, infiltration and the cautious, silent hunt.
Lodge of the Lone Wolf: A lodge for those who no longer are part of a pack, or never were. Supposedly watched over by the Fifth child of Father Wolf, who was supposedly driven out for being the runt.

Bone Shadow Lodges

Lodge of Death: A large lodge which studies death in all its aspects, it holds a deep reverence for the significance of death.

Iron Master Lodges

Lodge of Wires: Dedicated to preparing the People for the technological changes of the future, as well as dealing with the spirit ecology new techonologies provide.


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