Hunter's Hunted

Shadow Rain sought out advice from there peers regarding the Alder Man. Speaks with Fire pointed them in the direction of the The Pickering Family and its patriarch Obadiah Pickering.

Whilst waiting for their appointment with the formidable Uratha, Calm in the Storm had an inpromptu dinner date in the park, hampered by his oath not to eat what he hasn’t hunted.

The pack was also targeted by a Ivory Claw Pure Uratha. First it persuaded a Claimed to attack Flying Metal with an Uzi whilst walking the dogs. The attack dogs took out the claimed and Flying Metal escaped with only a few bullet holes.

The Ivory Claw further taunted and then attacked the group by stringing up one of They Call Me Bruce’s associates and leading them into an ambush. In a cave in Interlaken Park, she attacked the pack but was driven off. Her car however was less fortunate.

Shadow Rain’s meeting with the Pickerings was awkward but fruitful providing the information they required to attack the Alder Man. Using a map of the spiritual Alder trees, Obadiah singled out a sequence and a group of five specific trees that were the source of the spirits power.

The pack is now planning their next move against the Alder Man and his font of power.

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Hunter's Hunted

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