Chase the Moon

Ron Mallard was born in a small town in Montana, the younger of a pair of twin brothers sired by a passing Forsaken who then ran afoul of the Pure while travelling the wilderness between Montana’s sparse settlements.

With the town too small to furnish a Forsaken pack with shelter yet too urbanised for the Pure to seek to claim it as territory, Ron and his brother Don reached puberty without attracting the attention of any werewolves at all. Their first change, brought on by a brotherly wrestling bout that escalated to a full on fist fight, thus shocked and horrified both boys.

Fearing for their mother’s safety if they were unable to control their bestial rage, the boys fled, stealing their mother’s rainy day fund and hopping a bus heading east.

Their change had also, however, opened their eyes to the spirit world and they could see the angry and fearful stares of the myriad eyes peering through the Gauntlet. Seeing the world in this new and frightening way, the boys resolved to find out all they could about their new environs.

Seeking out forgotten lore and folk wisdom, they tried to make sense of what had happened. They also overcame their fear to speak to the spirits, as best they could, and Don quickly mastered the First Tongue and began striking bargains with spirits for information. Eventually, the boys were rewarded with the knowledge of totem and pack.

To bind themselves to a spirit, however, seemed foolish, given how little regard most spirits seemed to have for the “Ghost Wolf cubs”. After much deliberation and observation, the boys came to a decision.

If they were, indeed, werewolves then they would seek as a totem no elemental or animal spirits. Instead, they resolved to seek what the change had cost them: a mother. Turning their eyes to the heavens, they stared at the glowing, silver face of the moon.

And she smiled down upon them…

Chase the Moon

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