The Girl in the Mist

City-Spirit of Seattle


The Girl in the Mists appears to be a 10-year-old child. She has Native American features but is wearing modern clothing(including a smart phone and a welcome to Seattle t-shirt with the Space Needle printed on it). Her eyes appear to be bubbling pools of water. Mist rises from them and water streams down her cheeks and onto her shirt.


The Girl in the Mists was a legend of her people. She was the daughter of Chief Seattle. When evil spirits goaded her tribe into making war, she feared for her father’s life. She came to the springs and prayed to the spirits to take her instead of her father. Her tears fell into the spring, and soon she cried her entire self into the springs. With that sacrifice, the water boiled and made a thunderstorm that stopped the battle and cleared the minds of the two warring parties from the influence of the spirits.

The city-spirit of Seattle was born roughly the same time as the region was settled. She adapted quickly to the settlers, consuming the spirits generated as the town grew, eventually taking on the role as the city’s spiritual avatar.

The Girl in the Mist

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