Rianne Smith

'Long Tongue' - Two worlds police officer


Auspice: Rahu

Tribe: Bone Shadows

Human Name: Rianne Smith

Wolf Name: Long Tongue

Gauru form

Werewolf mythical creatures 28604822 498 632

Urhan form

Wolf seeking victim

Rianne Smith changed at a late age, fresh out of the academy and a few years into her career. Those around her had long given up watching and everyone was taken by surprise. The change happened while on the job and it was as violent as it was unexpected.

Working an investigation into a missing teen. Rianne was following some pretty tenuous leads that no one else believed would amount to anything. The leads led to an old farm way out of town, where she was cornered, beaten and about to be killed when the moon filled her eyes and the voices of spirits filled her head. When she could think clearly again all six assailants were dead. Luckily there was enough evidence and contraband on the property that no one thought much about the missing perps. The case was closed, the missing teen’s whereabouts uncovered, a drug ring broken and the biggest haul of drugs in the district’s history had been found. Rianne got a promotion and became a werewolf all on the same night.

Rianne grew up with her grandmother, a strict but kind woman who did her best and got Rianne through the terrible twos, troublesome teens and into her twenties. A strong woman, she taught Rianne about the world, about spirits and the land.
Rianne has vague memories of her mother, her smell and a lullaby, the occasional visit that became less frequent as the years went on. Raised voices, the smashing of plaster, growls on a hot summer night, the last night she saw her after her 17th birthday.
Rianne’s father is a blank picture, a void. Impersonal presents sent twice a year and a large cheque at both graduations. A ghost of a presence that people didn’t talk about.

Rianne was managing he two lives quite well, she made a name for herself as an insightful detective in both worlds. In Hisail she earned the name ‘Long Tongue’ for her mastery of the first language and her ability to talk at a spirit until it would beg her to stop. Some have suggested she was born under the wrong moon, that she is a tale teller, a collector of wisdom but those that have seen the beast within know the anger she keeps contained. The anger that bubbles over rarely, the consequences of which are terrible.
The last time things went too far, she was questioning a suspect. The wrong word, belligerent tone, self important attitude, it was all too much and she snapped. Started beating and beating him until her colleagues managed to untangle them, thankfully she didn’t change but she was demoted and sued by the now victim, no longer a perp.
The move to Snoqualmie was a blessing, she had heard rumours from the spirits. Word of a Coyote laughing and a terrible wound that needed healing and she thought if she could heal the wound then maybe she could change it all back.
Back to when the air was pure and Father Wolf lead the hunt.

Rianne Smith

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