Night Howler

Charismatic Alpha of the Grey Mist


Night Howler cuts a tall and powerful figure. He’s in his mid 60s, though he looks a decade younger thanks to his werewolf metabolism. His hair is gray but full. He usually wears expensive business suits, but he always dresses for the occasion – anything from combat fatigues to cowboy boots, depending on the situation.



Nigh Howler is a werewolf of many secrets. No one really knows when he arrived in Seattle but it is believed to have been a few decades ago. Rumours suggest he was born from a wealthy family in Chicago. Many believe that Night Howler is the reason that Pure attacks into the city have all but stopped in the last twenty years; but if he is the reason then he isn’t revealing how.

Night Howler is a powerful, charismatic leader with a dream: uniting the Tribes of Luna under a common banner and goal. He personally believes that if the many packs of the Forsaken across the continent were forged into a single Uratha force, they would be able to make whatever destiny they chose.

Night Howler

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