Crazy Eyes

A mad Irish man with an insane stare, covered in Celtic jewlery and shite.


Arthas    the lich king by corey da


Crazy eyes is mad, he believes he was stuck in the spirit world for over a thousand years and has only recently returned with no memory of the time there. He has spent the last few years forging weapons and jewelry for the Ice Lords pack to use as Fetish’s. His use of modern steel and techniques he explains away as spirit given knowledge. His stories are wild and full of holes but his natural charm and exuberance make him fun to be around. He has many contacts among the Fey which may explain his madness. He is forgiven his many eccentricities as his swords are of superb quality and he caters to the Storm Lords archaic love of a good blade at tribe meetings.

Crazy eyes sings the old songs, the really old songs, accompanied by a harp he made himself. Many references to the Fianna and the Fey are sprinkled into his tales of the Uratha. He has real talent but is often distracted in his performance by whiskey, girls or things no one else can see or hear.

Crazy Eyes

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