Talks to Darkness

A weatherbeaten and skeletal man, aged beyond his years by years of sleeping rough, who mutters incessantly


Homeless man by daveantMarcus 001 by lone wolf photography


What was that?
I know there’s nothing there, but shush anyway – I want to hear what it’s saying.
Oh, and stop staring at the shadows – they don’t like it. Would you?
Walk with me and you’ll be ok. OK. OK.
They’re just as afraid as you are.
Ok, maybe not that afraid.
But they won’t bother me.
‘Cause I know the words and names.
I name the unnamed and my words warp wills.
Names and words – that’s the secret.

Bad shadow! Stay!! <growls>

Chase the Moon: A cautionary tale.

Talks to Darkness

Of Wolf and Man mbwelsh