Mario Grizzly

A big ass, bone breaking menace to your ability to draw breath.


Grizzly doesn’t like to wear tops. He feels contained and takes great joy in ripping the fragile fabric from his frame, especially when changing to Garou form.

He is a tank of a man, his frame covered in hair. Renowned as a close talker, most people have no option but to let him speak right into your face, though not a single droplet of spit escapes his lips.


Grizzly was one the first members of the Grey Mist. At the time he was a broken thing after having tracked down Dar-us “The Slow Killer.” He had managed learn some techniques from the legendary fighter but it left his mind and body is disarray.

With Night Howler’s help, Grizzly managed to find his feet again. When They Call Me Bruce joined the pack, the two of them became very close. Grizzly took him under his wing and helped shape his martial arts growth. Whilst he didn’t understand some of the tactics that Bruce used, he did appreciate the end results.

Bruce and Grizzly still meet up to spar and teach other new fighting styles, though so far Grizzly has refused to teach Bruce any moves taught to him by the Slow Killer.

Grizzly is perhaps the most feared warrior Forsaken within Seattle.

Mario Grizzly

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