They Call Me Bruce

"The possession of anything begins in the mind."


Name: Jake Carter
Deed Name: They call me Bruce or “Bruce”
DOB: 5 May 1977
First Change: 2000
Auspice: Lunar Eclipse (Suharrahu)
Tribe: Blood Talons (Suthar Anzuth)
Totem: Fenris – The Destroyer Wolf
Lodge: Lodge of Wendigo
Martial Arts: Jeet Kune Do, Jui-Jitsu

Jake “They call me Bruce” Carter wears the white converse shoes and designer shredded jeans. All manner of bling adorns fingers, wrists and neck but he is always looking for something new – perhaps something you are wearing. Underneath an oversized snow white jacket is a muscular, toned body decorated with scars. Dreadlocks tangle down a serious face whilst a predatory, hungry gaze watches…waiting.

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Reported by Fiona Tosh

TEN YEARS AGO the eyes of the mixed martial arts world were on upcoming fighter Jake Carter. The son of one of the forefathers of MMA, the late Jeremiah “The Pit” Carter, was believed destined to step out from behind the shadow of one of the greatest fighters ever, and stamp his own mark in the Octagon.

However, one week out from Jake’s first big fight against recognized bad-ass Petre Gonzalez, tragedy struck – Jeremiah Carter was killed in a hit and run. Not backing down, Jake went on to fight and KO’d Petre in one of the strangest bouts ever in MMA history. The fight was brutal with both participants engaging in unorthodox and borderline illegal moves. The judges went on to award the fight to Petre, disqualifying Jake who had already left the building minutes after Petre’s head crashed onto the Octagon’s floor.

Jake “The Mark” Carter dissapeared after that. Most people don’t even remember his name. However, this magazine managed to track him down and he agreed to do this special one off interview with MMA magazine.

Fiona Tosh: Welcome Jake. Thank you for speaking with us today.
Jake Carter: Yeah cool. It’s a pleasure. Surprised you found me to be honest.
FT: Well you are a hard man to track down, though you still live in Seattle. What have you been doing these past eleven years since the fight?
JC: Well you know, this and that. After the fight…after my father’s death, I had a lot of soul searching to do. I went through a lot of changes. Umm yeah it was a very confusing and complicated time. But I got my shit together. Got a good group of people around me now. Started up my own school teaching MMA and Jeet Kune Do.
FT: Yes but you pretty much dissapeared completely for a while there.
JC: Yeah well its who I am, you know. Sometimes you got to step back, evalutate, learn from mistakes then go for it. My father used to say “If you make an ass out of yourself, there will always be someone to ride you.” Actually maybe that was one of Bruce’s.
FT: Well if we could actually talk about your father for a moment. He is regarded as one of the first champion mixed martial artists and responsible for bringing the sport into the limelight. How did it feel growing up in his shadow?
JC: First I got to say. The man was a great father. My momma died young. He was always around for me. Even when I got into trouble a lot at school. He loved training…loved being in the Octagon. But it wasn’t easy for me coming into MMA but that wasn’t his fault. Everyone was saying, “Gotta make your mark man, you gotta make your mark.”
FT: And your first big fight was against Gonzalez, an experienced fighter with the complete package. Many thought at the time that you were over extending yourself fighting him, that you should have taken more time, more bouts.
JC: Yeah but gotta make your mark kept running through my head. Course Dad was telling me without telling me that I was making mistakes.
FT: And then he passed…
JC: Yeah that was a crazy time. Thats when things started changing but I didn’t know that then…didn’t know how much they would change. I didn’t really understand myself. I don’t know how I thought I could beat anyone.
FT: But you did beat Gonzalez – you knocked him out…
JC: I beat him but I didn’t win the bout. There’s winning and there is winning.
FT: Where did you go after the fight? You just dissapeared.
JC: I just had to get out of there. I guess it was the emotion of it all, you know my Dad passing away, the fight itself. There were people cheering and booing. Red camera flashes sparking off around the room. I had to get out or it was going to get messy.
FT: So do you regret what happened back then?
JC: I regret I didn’t win the fight.
FT: You have your own Dojo; I imagine that takes up a lot of your time. What else takes up Jake Carter’s time?
JC: Well I am always busy. I rarely fight in the ring anymore. I enjoy the teaching side of things. But I wouldn’t call myself retired…no not by any stretch of the imagination. I hang out with my crew, try and stay out of trouble until trouble ain’t looking, then punch it in the jaw. Off times though I play XBox and watch movies – those crazy Japanese anime or Kurosawa flicks and of course Bruce Lee. Love me some Afro Samurai (singing) So many times I had sneak up on them quicker with my finger on the trigger, like Like I’m pulling out my sword. This is combat, man, this is war.
FT: You’re older now…wiser. If you could travel back and give the young you some advice, what would it be?
JC: Ah shit. Well I would probably tell myself not to worry about all those vitamins I used to take, you ain’t ever going to need them. More importantly, know yourself and know your limits – never offer surrender that you would not accept.
FT: More philosophy from Bruce Lee?
JC: (Chuckles) Hell no…more like an oath.
FT: Thank you for your time today Jake.
JC: That’s ok, its cool. Still don’t know how you found me and all but hey.

Article for MMA Magazine never published.

They Call Me Bruce

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