Of Wolf and Man

The Third Hunt

The house above the locus shows obvious signs that another pack once lived there. Talks to Darkness found a journal in the study that details some of their hunts. The pack leader seems to have been an idiot who made them all change their last names to ‘Meer’. He ruled rather than led and seems to have been responsible for the death of the entire pack at the hands of the Pure. He seemed to be looking for a fetish that the pure had. The journal also contained reference to their totem, a cat spirit. Since we have moved in the guys have started called the house Meer Cat Manor, I don’t get it, apparently I still need to watch more TV.

The journal also contained reference to a dangerous tree spirit called the Alder Man. This concerns us directly for it may explain the strange overcrowding of trees in the spirit realm, the ghosts in the well and many other problems besetting our territory. Time for our first trip into our territories shadow. We left Rides the Ether to guard the well and set out to find trouble, it found us. An Alder tree used for sacrifice, shrubbery with attitude and crazy Magath spirits. Fire, snakes, cars with spider legs, crazy shiite attacking us.

Flying Metal earned his name in the fight. Normally guns make me uneasy but perhaps that is because I am not used to having them on my side. They seem a particularly odd choice in the spirit world. However the look on the insane Magath faces as they were riddled with holes was priceless. The pack worked well in clearing up or chasing off those who survived being sprayed with bullets. We are learning each others skills and working together better. We do need a totem to bind us together so we can become a real pack.

We found clues but no real lead to the Alder Man, after our little display, the spirits were not talking. Back in the material world things continued to frustrate our hunt with tantalizing obscurities. Indian girl faces reflected in puddles, creepy children and humans behaving odder than usual. Meer Cat Manor is coming along and the pack seems happy with it. It is warded and we are making moves to buy the house next door as a front.

I have been remiss in not giving my thoughts on Talks to Darkness and Rides the Ether. This pack has more potential than any I have worked with, if only we can work out how to use it.
Talks to Darkness
Crazy? Not sure. Odd? Certainly. The homeless guy that wants to talk to you at the bus stop.The spirit shaman that sees what others cannot. He is both the most useful and most dangerous member of the pack. His knowledge keeps us safe, the way he communicates it puts us in danger. Mad or not he is also, like many of the homeless, a master manipulator. He uses his eccentricities as a weapon to get his way, or at least a sandwich. I grew up with Stormlords, I can respect a good manipulator, even if I cannot compete. Despite the headaches he gives me, I like him greatly, he is funny, deliberately obtuse and yet wise. I will learn from him. I hope he will accept my leadership soon. I do not not blame him for testing the boundaries, I still have to earn my place.

Rides the Ether
The new guy, just changed, coming to terms with the rage, fear and general chaos that is being an Uratha. He is doing well, better than most. He knows computers, the streets and technology. The kid has many kinds of smart. He is also brave, while still developing his combat skills, Rides the Ether has no hesitation about jumping into the thick of battle. He is either going to become very good, very quickly or very dead, very quickly. Some of the guys have given him a bit of a hard time, kind of a rite of initiation. He has taken it well and is earning their respect. As I have said, Rides the Ether is smart, he knows how the city works and is becoming invaluable in setting up our new life. He is a fine addition to the pack.

Wolf blooded, lead singer and guitarist, hot, talented and fun to talk to. When out drinking with the pack we noticed her. I thought it my duty to talk with her, wolf blooded can be a valuable asset to any pack. Who am I kidding? Who wouldn’t want to talk with her? We got on well, at least I did not crash and burn with the whole pack watching not so subtly. The thought of getting to know her scares me, I saw what my father did to my mother, Uratha make poor mates. Still she keeps cropping up in my thoughts, she said I was funny. Does that mean amusing or weird? I can certainly do weird, but not sure about funny. Worth a go!

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