Of Wolf and Man

The Second Hunt

We needed the whole pack, particularly Talks to Darkness, before hunting the pestilence spirits.The battle was not the success story it could have been. When asked how to attack these spirits in the material world, Talks to Darkness’ only reply was ‘be the stick’. Only after we had attacked did we realize that he meant we needed a ritual from him in order to harm them. This meant that while he was casting the ritual on each of us individually, the spirits were tearing us apart or overwhelming our minds with despair. Talks to Darkness started by doing the ritual on Flying Metal which was a bad move as ‘being the stick’ meant we had to attack them with our natural weapons. Flying metal, while lethal with a gun, is not our best tooth and claw fighter. He should have started with myself or They Call Me Bruce. Better still he could have have done the ritual on us all before we even entered combat. That was my fault. As Alpha I should have ensured my pack knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses before risking their lives (well, not my weaknesses but everyone else’s).I should also have taken into account Talk’s to Darkness’ eccentricities and tried to get more information out of him. I paid for my mistakes as I soon found myself surrounded by angry spirits with the rest of the pack either disabled or unable to hurt them. Somehow we still prevailed and killed some, then tracked down rest and destroyed them. In the end we were lucky.

After the battle we approached the house, only to find it guarded by ghosts with trees growing through them. They spoke of a well within, the site of their murder, it could only be the locus we had sensed from afar.We managed to convince these guardians that they could be led to their deserved afterlife and were allowed to enter the house. The well lay within and They Call Me Bruce recovered their bones from the bottom. These we buried in consecrated ground in an old graveyard outside Seattle. Only a pack of Uratha would go on a road trip to bury a truck full of bones!

Back to the locus. It is a deep, dark, still, well in the basement. I have always found water calming, be it rain, mist or pool, water is the element that soothes me and lets me remain in control. This is right, this is our place, we have found a home and I could not be happier. It is here in the dark serenity of the water that I shall find a way to overcome the rage that is trying to devour me.
Silence rain      by phenomdesire



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