Of Wolf and Man

The First Hunt

In a forest full of enemies, alone, armed only with my mind, teeth and claws I know what to do, survive. In this new world filled with artificial noise, structures and the stench of man I am lost. There are too many options, too many variables and too many people relying on me. Me, with the reputation for control, me who could lose it any time, me who when he does lose it knows that he may never come back after bottling it up for so long, me they chose as the Alpha. Dam, enough self pity, bottle that too and sell it to an Emo. I need to think, to make plans. What do we know so far?

Well, our territory is far from perfect, the gauntlet seems pretty thin and spirits are definitely tampering with the human minds in it. We have patrolled and been met with unusual behaviour just about everywhere. The locals seem spooked, withdrawn and at times mentally disturbed. Only the tourists seem normal, whatever normal is. We need to track down the source of this and fast. A start has been made, we have hunted down and destroyed a group of glass spirits with a bad case of the munchies. The pack fought well, those who were there, we fought as one, they impressed me, I am lucky to have them. What we were really hunting for was a locus. Somewhere we can enter the spirit realm, where the real hunting can begin. We also need a way to regain essence, I hate being reliant on Night Howler and the Grey Mist Pack. We are our own pack now and need to act like it.

I think we have found a locus and it was no surprise that it reflects the disorder of our new territory. It is surrounded by spirits of plague and pestilence ….great! We need it though, I sure hope Talks to Darkness has some ideas or rituals. I thought I knew a lot about spirits from my Father’s stories but I have felt overwhelmed by ignorance the last few days. Well I suppose that is one of the reasons we need packs. I also hope he has some way of getting a spirit out of a little girl without using a blender. Yes it has been a busy couple of days.

On to more important matters, the future and my pack. Better look at them individually and how they can help the pack as a whole.
They Call Me Bruce
Don’t really get the name. Someone in the Grey Mist smilingly said it was to do with a movie, have not seen a lot of movies. He is good though, a thinker and a warrior. The way he threw that glass spirit, that was cool. If anyone else in this pack should be the alpha it is probably him. I hope he will take over if I lose my shit. It would be a relief and a disappointment. He seems to keep to his oath’s except the one about hunting his own food. Oh well, not many keep that one. I can only set an example and hope. The pack can do as they like as long as it does not hurt the pack as far as I am concerned. I am not a control freak. OK I am. But only in regards to myself.
I want him to train the pack in martial arts and he seems willing. I must also ask if he can investigate military small unit tactics, hand signals etc so that we can integrate these into our hunts. They Call Me Bruce seems to get the city in a way I do not, he is part of the urban flow, his fingers are equally comfortable on a mobile phone as around someones neck. I will rely on his tactical advice. Hate the music, like the Uratha. Oh yeah, what about that eclipsed moon Wendigo shiite. Again, his business, I trust him.
Flying Metal
The boy can hunt. Fast, silent and lethal with a gun. What more could I ask for. Oh yeah, someone who can ward our home and loci, he can do that too. During our fight with the glass spirits he bore the brunt of the attacks and dodged nearly every one. That gave They Call Me Bruce and me the chance to take them down. Fearless and he did not lose his cool or shoot when it would be heard. I can rely on his common sense. Flying Metal knows the wild as I do and seems unsettled by his new life. We must work together to find safe places outside the city for the pack to hunt. He does not speak much but when he does it is worth listening to. When we went to a restaurant for the others to eat he stated that I should choose where we sat, as the alpha. Was that a test? Not sure. Think I failed if it was. I gave a couple of humans the stare. The one where I let the rage within me show in my eyes. They left scared witless and we got our table. I feel guilty about that one. I was not hunting them, I came dangerously close to disrespecting my prey. I must work harder at control for the sake of the pack and my sanity.
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very cool, was mulling ovr in my head how to do a write up of the first session and thankfully you beat me to it. love the tone of the piece… would you like a reward mr Aplha??

The First Hunt

Sits, begs, tongue lolls out, “roobie snack??”

The First Hunt

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